New Here? What To Expect…

If you visit on a Sunday morning you will find . . .
You are not the only visitor. We have numerous visitors every week and are always pleased to have you.
There is plenty of parking places on the side of our building and handicap accessible spaces in the front entrance.

There is seating in an auditorium filled with rows of pews. There are no reserved seats, so you may sit anywhere.

Our singing is without the accompaniment of instruments. We encourage everyone to participate in the singing as we worship. As we sing, we want our spirits to commune with God through His Spirit. When Christianity began, Christian worship was very simple. It could occur anywhere among any people in any culture. The place of worship was not important. All that was necessary for Christian worship were minds, hearts, and voices. We seek that same simplicity.

Men chosen from the congregation will lead public prayers. Most worshipers participate by simply bowing their heads. You will be welcome to assume whatever submissive posture you are comfortable with in prayer.

Each Sunday we remember the death and resurrection of Jesus. As Jesus requested, we eat unleavened bread to remember the physical body that He surrendered to death, and we drink the grape juice to remember His blood given for our forgiveness. Communion, also called the Lord’s Supper, is a memorial act for Christians to observe. The decision to commune or not is each individual’s decision.
Each Sunday, members give money to support the work of this congregation. We do not expect visitors to contribute. If a visitor chooses to contribute, we gratefully accept the gift. However, the work of this congregation is the responsibility of its members.

Following the sermon, we commonly sing a song of reflection. This is done to encourage each person to reflect on the lesson and make purposeful application. This invitation is offered for two reasons. The first is to encourage Christians who feel they need public prayer to come forward during the invitation song. The second is to provide a convenient opportunity to the person who in faith and repentance wants to be baptized into Christ. We understand that Christ’s invitation is open every day, every hour. Any time is the appropriate time for prayer or baptism.

If you wish further explanation about our worship or any aspect of Christian life, we would welcome an opportunity to study the Bible and share Christ with you. Ask any member to introduce you to the minister or congregational leaders. Or you may call the church office at (203) 261-5201. Or we will be happy to respond if you contact us through our contact form.

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